The Life of a Working Mom in Family Business

Doris Scheibenbogen/ October 31, 2017/ Allgemein

Do you serve both your family and your family business? It seems that the digital world makes it easier for young women to be both Mom and an Entrepreneurs. When I started my business, computers or smart phones did not exist. It was quite a different time and usually moms stayed at home with their children.   The thrill of

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The Quick Way to Create a More Productive Family Business Environment

Doris Scheibenbogen/ August 4, 2017/ Allgemein

All businesses want to increase productivity but sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem of sluggish productivity lays, the nuances of that problem and, therefore what the solution should be. Also you might realize that certain patterns repeat again and again but you are unsure why and cannot find an answer. These sorts of challenges are often

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The one skill that will create harmony in your family business – Irrespective of the conflict.

Doris Scheibenbogen/ June 29, 2017/ Allgemein

Conflict.  It sounds negative.  But welcome conflict into your business. It is healthy to have conflict where you have intelligent people who want the best for the business but have differing viewpoints, expectations, skills and experiences. If you have conflict then you know that the company is alive!   The key is to ensure that conflict is not destructive. When

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The Value of a Feminine Approach in Business

Doris Scheibenbogen/ April 26, 2017/ Allgemein

In 1983 I decided to found a company to run my own business. When I talked to my Dad to get his feedback as a family business owner he told me that I was nuts to leave my highly paid job. I was pretty confused because, as a business owner himself,  I thought that he would support my decision wholeheartedly.

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Balancing Life and Work in Family Business

Doris Scheibenbogen/ April 14, 2017/ Allgemein

Have you ever felt exhausted, tired and burnt out? Do you think that family and business is just too much sometimes? Are you longing for a vacation to relax and have fun? Would you like to have more time for yourself? If any of these questions are answered with a YES then you need some changes in your life and

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