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Doris Scheibenbogen/ August 4, 2017/ Allgemein

All businesses want to increase productivity but sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem of sluggish productivity lays, the nuances of that problem and, therefore what the solution should be. Also you might realize that certain patterns repeat again and again but you are unsure why and cannot find an answer.

These sorts of challenges are often out of the conscious awareness of business owners and those involved. As strange as it might sound, often the answer lies in tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization. Now that may not be an everyday occurrence in your business but if you have an open mind let me explain.

A really effective way resolving issues of poor productivity and the underlying dynamics can be to work with a coach who is trained in a technique called ‘systemic constellation’.  This modality brings to the surface the relationships, hidden dynamics, barriers, obstacles and entanglements in the system amongst all the people involved.

It is very likely that you have not heard of ‘systemic constellation’ but it has been said that systemic constellations will emerge as the problem solving method of the future. So, I think its worth you considering.  So not only will it solve your productivity issues, it can help with challenges issues and problems like conflict that you just can’t seem to resolve.

I find that this work is particularly useful in my work with family businesses as the relationships are so much more complex given the duality of family and work.

Also, in family businesses, the issues that need addressing can go back a generation or more with these hidden dynamics taking root in peoples subconscious many decades before.

When business leaders or organizations face a time of change or challenge, systemic constellation work can bring clarity and solve any conflicts, which, in turn, resolves your problems of productivity. Underlying dynamics and patterns that both limit and empower owners, family members, leaders, teams and whole organizations are revealed. Systemic constellation can heal the whole situation by finding the source or hidden dynamics even when the company has tried different methods to solve the issues without results.


What is Systemic Constellation and how does it work?

Systemic constellation allows you to see a situation within its entire context, which relationships are functional and those that have a disruptive influence. You can transform issues and obstacles to bring harmony and order by changing how the various and relevant elements operate and relate to each other.

Yes, it can be used to solve productivity issues but the real truth is that systemic constellation is a modality that can heal or resolve any unwanted situation or overcome challenges.

These can vary from those at an organizational level where we might be looking at implementing processes and procedures or making decisions in areas such as investment or funding. Or it can be used at a team level where cooperation and working towards a common goal is so crucial to effective and harmonious collaboration to benefit the business. It can also be used with individuals on issues such as motivation and performance can be addressed.

Here are some examples where systemic constellation can positively influence your family business and help you to reorganize the system and find the answers to the challenges or decisions you are facing:

  • Evaluate the consequences of a specific business decision so you can minimize risk and maximize return.
  • Heal relationships, re-establish balance and ensure everybody is given the right place in the system.
  • Resolve team conflict.
  • Facilitate a smoother generational transition.
  • Any type of conflict resolution.

In a business context, systemic constellation is used mainly in one to one sessions due to the need for confidentiality and availability of key players. However, in family businesses groups comprising the family members can also be used. Furthermore, if the team or employees agree to an open workshop constellation exploring to resolve the issues, this can be useful too.

So the advantage of using systemic constellations is that you can transform a specific situation without the need for all those involved to be present, if necessary.


Constellation Work in Action

Below I have given you a couple of case studies to demonstrate this work.

A Generational Transition case study…

The founder of the family business did not believe that his daughters could take over and run the business. He thought that they were too young and inexperienced to be accepted by customers and the business partners. He saw a lot of conflicts involving the older employees not accepting the young new leaders. He was afraid that the business would collapse. After a systemic constellation session, he could see how the transition had to be organized for the family business to overcome all the challenges and to run it harmoniously into the future.

Following the systemic constellation work undertaken…..

  • Some people who no longer fitted into the new phase of the business left the company.
  • Two offices were combined into one so that everyone in the business felt part of the company
  • Life in the office is back in harmony with everyone very happy and relaxed with the new and evolving situation
  • The daughters are very innovative and are leading the company into a new phase of its growth getting support from the founder, his wife and a long term partner as recommended in the constellation work

A Team Conflict case study

There were always heavy conflicts between two teams in the business. One team was very arrogant and did not respect the other teams members. They were blamed for mistakes and were looked at as slow and unskilled. This led to a situation where the team refused to talk to the other team. The situation was untenable since it was necessary for both sides to work together. There was disharmony in the company and some of the employees were considering leaving the company.

In a systemic constellation session, we found out that the team leader manipulated everybody to make himself indispensable, claim all the success for himself with the goal to get more money. The recommendation was that the so-called leader and his special assistant had to leave the company to regain harmony and success.

Systemic constellation work can help you find the sources – no matter what the entanglement is – to be able to correct any imbalance and return to your desired path and continue to build your business success.

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