Doris is the founder of “Life Success Spirit Academy” for life, success, spiritual and business coaching, seminars and online trainings. She is an entrepreneuse with 33 years of experience in the fields of personal and financial consulting and real estate markets. She loves to inspire and instruct you with all her heart to overcome any loss and pain to live a life full of love and appreciation, happiness, success and abundance. Her deep belief is that unconditional love can heal any loss or complex circumstances. She takes you by the hand and leads you step by step from sadness into gladness. With her big intuition she guides you through the storm of feelings into a life of love and wonder. She knows how to let your eyes sparkle again to feel and see the beauty of YOU. You learn to understand that tragedy is a wake-up-call to turn your life around and find your life’s purpose to fulfill your mission.

Doris is the answer if  you want to transform and heal any of these challenges?
You lost someone you love to suicide, through a car accident, cancer or any other illnesses? You  lost your job, money, your home, your country or something really important to you. You have experienced separation, loneliness and desperation? You struggle because you feel unloved and not appreciated?  You raised your kids and after they left home – you fill empty? You are ready for a change!

On your journey with Doris you heal your broken heart, you find your soul, you believe in life again and you start to love “YOU”. Reach out for your life no matter whatever it takes! And the moment is NOW!

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