Doris Scheibenbogen

Doris Scheibenbogen

Family business is in my blood. I grew up with the family businesses owned by my father and grandfather. And like you, I am a family business owner, as well as being a family business consultant for those wanting to resolve conflict.  Leading my consulting business and being the manager of our family and coach for our family’s company,  I have gained a lot of personal insights in every part of family firms.

At the beginning of my career, and following time in the USA and working with an American firm organising exhibitions, I realized that I loved responsibility and supporting people. I founded my own company in the field of personal and financial advice. And then, after the birth of my twin boys, I concentrated on real estate as it fitted better around my children whilst they were young.

I have never stopped studying to improve my knowledge. I attended seminars in Germany and United States, receiving diplomas and certificates in Feng Shiu, Organisational Constellation, Train the Trainer I + II and Psychic Readings. I am a philanthropist and I love to see people live their life’s purpose and reach their highest goals. Of course, I also love my life, my family and my intuitive consulting for family businesses.

Closer to the present day, my extensive experience helped me to successfully run our own family company with my twin  sons when my husband had a terrible accident and we did not know what the outcome might be. Since my husbands recovery we have been in the process of succession – learning, understanding and solving generational conflicts in a very positive and intuitive way.

I am a strong believer in – you know the truth by the way it feels –  and use intuition to reach successful conclusions to family business conflicts.

My family business background and my real-world experience differentiates me from other consultants and coaches and gives me the ability to help you:

  • Resolve your Business Conflicts
  • Plan for Emergencies
  • Find Balance in Work and Life
  • Communicate the Right Way
  • Lead your Business to Success
  • Build Trust
  • Find Transparency
  • Plan for Succession
  • Love to be a Business Woman

You will get full attention from my heart and the benefits of my intuition and business know-how. Your family business is very important to me and I look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you.

“It is by logic we prove, but by intuition we discover.”

Leonardo Da Vinci


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