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If you need an expert in resolving conflict in family business, leadership and the use of intuition in business, I can help.

Opportunities I am interested in

  • Keynote speaker
  • Guest speaker – seminars & conferences
  • International family business meetings
  • Business schools and Universities
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • TV
  • Interviews

Topics I speak about

  • Women in family business
  • Generation transition
  • Communication
  • Systemic constellation
  • Intuition in business
  • Skills and education
  • Crisis management
  • Family harmony and business success 

As featured in…

Women in Family Business eBook

This eBook, in which I am proud to be featured, presents family business through the eyes of the women who lead and are involved in them – across diverse ages, cultures, roles and ownership models.

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About Doris Scheibenbogen

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Doris has family business in her blood.  Her grandparents and parents had family businesses and for the whole of her life to the present day she has been involved in family business –  currently as a key partner in her own family’s business and her own business with her clients.  She has been an entrepreneuse for over 30 years. She is a strong believer in – you know the truth by the way it feels –  and uses intuition to reach successful conclusions to family business conflicts.

She is highly qualified both academically but also in terms of the skills and experience gained over decades in and around business, specifically family business.

It is this mix of experience running a family business, learned skills and her intuitive approach that separates her from other consultants and coaches. Whatever conflict or dissension you are experiencing in your business, Doris most certainly has the skills and experience to support you in resolving them in a heart centred way.

Contact information

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