The Life of a Working Mom in Family Business

Doris Scheibenbogen/ October 31, 2017/ Allgemein

Do you serve both your family and your family business? It seems that the digital world makes it easier for young women to be both Mom and an Entrepreneurs. When I started my business, computers or smart phones did not exist. It was quite a different time and usually moms stayed at home with their children.


The thrill of independence despite the guilt!

I remember how hard it was not to feel guilty for wanting both – children and a career. My family really supported me, saying that I should follow my passion and dreams besides being a mom. Stay-at-home moms did not understand how I could handle everything and always be in a good mood. This was easy because I have appreciation and success in my family and my business. It also gives me the feeling of being independent and not the unseen woman without rights.


I have no idea how many women are unhappy because they do not make money of their own. Even today! What I see is that young women really seek this freedom to decide on their own and go for what they want. Most are well-educated, self-reliant, intelligent, kind of bold and outgoing. They take advantage of our new age of digitalization and plan their career carefully. Very often they first work in different companies and decide later to join the family business. Having both children and a career – it is easier to be in a family business knowing that you work for your family and your family business.


Shaping the lives of my own children

By the way, I am the proud mother of twin boys. Both are in our family business and I can see that watching their parent’s activities helped them to grow into the family business. They were raised to take responsibility and manage their duties. Even being very young they know what they have to do. When it comes to emotional issues they both seek my advice knowing that I use my intuition and play fair. They discuss with me the advantages and disadvantages when they are looking for the right answers to get the best results. It is very important for the family business that the family members trust each other and share their opinions.


The benefits to others of being a woman in business

Whenever I coach our employees I am coming from two sides – being mother and manager. Especially for our young people it is helpful that I   understand the different hurdles as they grow into adulthood. All of our employees appreciate the feminine approach and seek my advice. I encourage them to overcome their issues and move forward in their career. I discuss the abilities they have and support them in their learning process to reach their goals.


A family business runs smoothly when everybody is motivated and taken care of. They need appreciation and leadership as well as understanding in difficult times. It is important to show them empathy to be able to support them in overcoming failure, loss, illness, accidents and much more. They feel safe if they know that the company will support them. This helps them to generate results in their work and gives them a willingness to improve too.


The issues for working Moms

Often companies are wary of young women employees because of possible pregnancy and the inevitable work interruption. But times have changed and it is normal to be a mother and in business or have a career. Nowadays there are so many opportunities to manage both, for example to work half-day, put the child into childcare, get an Au pair or support from their parents, start their own business or work in the family business. There might even be childcare facilities in the company. Women family business owners have more understanding of working mothers as they know what a concern child care is and the value of childcare within their place of work.


The recipe for not feeling guilty is to take real time for your children. Join them at school activities, like watching them play sports. Put them to bed and read or tell them a nice little story. Listen to them when they are worried or in pain. Give them the feeling they are loved and secure. Appreciate them and let them know how proud you are. When they are sick, take time off and stay with them.


Children are proud of their working mom because they benefit from their mothers being fulfilled. They also learn to be more responsible for themselves and manage things on their own but they also know that mom is there whenever she is needed. A lot of women who are not satisfied spend less time with their children even being at home. So please, follow your dream! Don’t listen to the opinions of others and work if you want to work.


Working in a family business is a great option and can be very satisfying because you act as a family and you take care of each other and the family business.


I am very grateful for being a mom and working in our family business. My strength and intuition helped me in times of struggle and doubts to stay committed and move forward. I am proud of my decision to be a working mom and my family is too.


What are your own experiences of being a working Mom?


About Doris
Doris has family business in her blood.  Her grandparents and parents had family businesses and for the whole of her life to the present day she has been involved in family business –  currently as a key partner in her own family’s business and her own business with her clients.
She has been an entrepreneuse for over 30 years.  She has encountered resistance in business as a women especially in the early days of her career. Her vision is to see thousands of women leading their family businesses with intuition, commitment, creativity and courage to aim for the stars.
She is a strong believer in – you know the truth by the way it feels –  and uses intuition to reach successful conclusions to family business conflicts.
She is highly qualified both academically but also in terms of the skills and experience gained over decades in and around business, specifically family business. It is this mix of experience running a family business, learned skills and her intuitive approach that separates her from other consultants and coaches.
Whatever conflict or dissension you are experiencing in your business, Doris most certainly has the skills and experience to support you in resolving them in a heart centered way.
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