The one skill that will create harmony in your family business – Irrespective of the conflict.

Doris Scheibenbogen/ June 29, 2017/ Allgemein

Conflict.  It sounds negative.  But welcome conflict into your business. It is healthy to have conflict where you have intelligent people who want the best for the business but have differing viewpoints, expectations, skills and experiences. If you have conflict then you know that the company is alive!


The key is to ensure that conflict is not destructive. When you have conflict you can bet that the people involved are taking the difference in opinion personally and they are not looking at the situation objectively. They are defending themselves rather than evaluating the ideas objectively. Or perhaps conflict is due to a clash of styles in the way people think or communicate.


Using intuitive conflict resolution can diffuse these situations. And it is best not to leave the situation unresolved because it will fester and grow, spreading like  cancer through the business.


What is intuition?

Intuition can be described as knowing without knowing why! It is sourced from your unconscious.  Whereas conscious thought is based on facts to which theory has been applied. You may call it a hunch, a feeling, a sense and when it is strong enough, or you have trained yourself to listen, it will make its way into your conscious awareness and you will act upon it. Intuition is a heightened sense of social and self-awareness.


Intuition is a natural capability and these days is often ignored, not heard and not acted upon. Most decisions these days fail to take account of this amazing resource, our sixth sense, that we all have lying dormant.


We stay in our heads but it is essential that we learn to use this primal resource again as a way to heal the world as well as deal with conflict closer to home in our businesses and personal  life.


When you are resolving conflict your emotional competency is a must and you have be able to master the ability of how and when to intervene, what to say and do to successfully support a conflict resolution conversation.


What do you do when conflict arises?

Obviously, the type of conflict will dictate the approach but when conflict arises examine the facts and then listen to your intuition.


Using your intuition means that you can act fast in a situation because you don’t have to deliberate over the facts. That’s not to say you should always do this because insight and facts will contribute to the decision making process. Another skill that benefits from being included in a conflict is creativity – generating a new perspective, looking at different ways of resolving the situation and of  creating new outcomes.


Using intuitive conflict resolution in your family business

Clearly there are varying levels of disagreement from conflict between team members and the more difficult one to crack, generational conflict.


Generational transition involves a lot of emotion and has nothing to do with facts. Therefore, to get results you need to use your intuitive abilities. First of all you should listen to your intuition after talking to all family members and their different opinions. Young people might have less experience than the older ones but very often they are more creative, innovative and even aggressive. The founder might have problems to let go and wants to sail the boat as usual. Sometimes people will not tell you the whole story – maybe because they do not know where the conflict results. In this case you can use psychic readings to get strong, clear and fast answers. If the conflict is still unsolved a systemic constellation might bring the answer.


In our family business I am the consultant for my husband, my sons and our employees. I guide them with a lot of conversations to clear all the conflicts as they start to show up. Recently we had a few situations causing discord.  We had a new company structure due to my two sons joining the business. There were some people who did not fit into the new company structure and would not accept my sons as successors. We also thought it was very important to amalgamate our two offices into one so the teams could be better supported.


Some of the people decided to quit, some we had to give notice to leave the company. Now the teams are very motivated because the mischief-makers are gone! During this process the family members were suffering because of differing opinions. It was important to listen to all arguments and then find the right solution for the family and the business. It was also necessary to hear our employees’ opinions and have regular meetings to strengthen the teams. I also used my psychic abilities and systemic constellation to get clear answers when the situation seemed to collapse. Conflict between generations, employees and the business is the key to success because it helps to clear the situation to be able to move forward in a harmonious way.


How can you avoid conflict?

Ensure that the company vision and goals are clearly understood by everyone and everyone agrees with the goals. Everyone needs to plainly understand the roles they play in achieving those goals and what they are responsible for. It’s good to have ground rules for guiding group behavior and procedures for resolving conflict. Set time limits for resolving conflict so it doesn’t spread and fester.


How to develop your intuitive sense

To successfully hear your intuition you need to quieten your mind before and during the times when we wish to use our intuition. Meditation is ideal.  We need to be sensitive to images and feelings to get us in touch. Your own emotions, triggers etc, often get in the way of feeling into our intuition which is why it is so useful to have a trained intuitive to assist in family conflict resolution. (If you would like to explore this, click the link and have a chat with me)


The advantages of using a trained intuitive

The advantage is, unlike people within the business, that the person is objective, has honed their own intuition and is able to get their own head out of the way!


The improvements you will see from using this type of resource are improved sales, better investments, new staff hires that are totally aligned with your business, learn how to get the best out of everyone in the business.  This skill can help you make great hiring choices, reorganize your work space, smooth management decisions and even give you insight into investments. Although psychic services are more often used in times of uncertainty, for example, financial crashes and slumps, there is no doubt that this skill can be employed for the good of the business


Corporate psychic consultants can be powerful weapons. I use intuition and psychic readings as two of my tools and these skills in conjunction with my decades of business knowledge, and a modality called systemic constellations to resolve family business conflict and skyrocket the success of the company.


How do you use intuition in your business?

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